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 Awakening Intent

Saturdays at 11:30 a.m. Cost: $35 Please call in advance at 612-920-9322.

Deep within our core is our big dream, our intent, which brought us to this earth.  Much has been done throughout the ages to malign and subvert this sacred intent.  This has been done to create fear that drives us to give away our birthright of empowerment and seek to snuggle into the womb of terror.  As soon as one looses their alignment with intent a pervading anxiety engulfs everything they do. Most seek to rid themselves of this discomfort through attachment to habits of many sorts, drugs, alcohol, sex, ego aggrandizement, or victimization just to name the most obvious. 

But less obvious and most pervasive is the attachment to the habit of memory-based consciousness.  Memory-based consciousness keeps one removed from the living moment in favor of an image held in memory.  This programmed image replaces the engaging experience of self and others with a driven judgmental separation.  The present is now subservient to the past, and the past always judges the present as not fitting what it is supposed to be.  From this position, it is no longer possible to sense and align with intent.  Now consciousness, driven by judgment, is removed from the living field that carries the energetic lines that are meant to guide us in fulfilling our dream.  

A graphically horrendous image of just how far we all have gone in our removal from intent can be seen in our government’s reaction to the basic needs of the victims of hurricane Katrina; weapons drawn on starving people dying of thirst instead of a helping hand, people gathered where they were told to go and left for days watching their children and grandmothers die of thirst, but most striking is the image of the only bus that arrived with refugees at the Houston Astrodome.  When no one came to drive the busses, a teenage boy who had never driven a bus before took responsibility in the moment and drove the refugees to safety.  He responded with common sense to the call of intent and moved!

To find one’s purposeful direction that serves their big dream again one must move back into awareness-based consciousness.  Awareness-based consciousness speaks to us directly from the embodied intelligence present in every cell of our being.  Through deep abiding love of Self one is opened to trusting awareness-based consciousness and the knowing that intent is the prime mover in life.  In our current societal situation, this is like moving away from your computer and all the control it promises into the waters of life and learning to surf!

Awakening Intent is a class in learning how to find the water, the best beaches, and how to surf the waves of intent all around us.  Intent work is the left hand of our Tai-Chi form work.  It includes animal work, dreaming, inter-personal sound and movement play, exploring second attention, finding the big patterns in our life, body sculpting, contact improvisation, and many other powerfully magical process oriented explorations to help us find and express our deeply creative intentfull self.  All this is done in an atmosphere of safely held space and profound respect for the intimate courage to express your dream that this work evokes.

Rilke once said that there is an angel that is waiting to help you.  To receive its help we must humble ourselves into becoming a beginner again.  Then its wings will once again carry you into your rightful purpose.  My soul knows so much more than my mind can wrap itself around.

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